BA.YO CONSULTING is a business website created by an experienced business consultant in Australia. The business number (ABN:47602059476) was first registered in year 2006 with intention of providing web-based services and products.

This site is to share some genuine information of business operation, business processes, business applications as well as practices of change management and project management. Most of the content will come from the owner’s experience and formal academic background.

This is also a commercial site for sales of all possible business ideas, consulting on business issues and service of business analysis.

Being an Australian citizen, this website owner is aware of some misunderstanding between different cultures, countries and English! Suspects and questions about this website legal status is unavoidable. You may go to Australia government website http://australia.gov.au/ to check our relevant laws, legislations and authorities about running business on Internet.

Australia is a multi-culture and democratic country. The federal government is elected. Being a citizen, the owner of this website has the voting power of Australia parliament members, who normally look after laws and legislations applied in this country. Obviously, laws and legislations can be amended via legal procedure in federal parliament.  To keep up-to-date with Australia laws, legislations and know more details about Australia politics or government structure, please check australia.gov.au/.

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